First whales of 2020

No one could have predicted that the start to our 2020 whale watching season would be a very different one to what we were used to from previous years.

With COVID-19 changing the way we can go about everyday life, the usual start to our 2020 season around the middle of May had to be postponed to a later date as restrictions did not allow for us to take passengers out to see the whales just yet.

Over the weekend we took one of our boats out to see what the whales were up to and were delighted to find a good number of them without looking too hard. We saw our first breaches of the season, some tail throws and some dolphins, too. It feels so good to see them again after a break of 5 months.

Thankfully restrictions around Australia are being lifted, which will allow us to start whale watching with passengers in the very near future.

Of course it won’t be back to normal just yet, as we have had to make some changes to our cruises to be able to do them in a COVID – safe way, but we can’t wait to take you out to see the whales.

As far as the whales are concerned, this global pandemic should not have a big effect on how they migrate up our shores. Yes, it should be a more pleasant cruise with less ship traffic and subsequent noise to deal with, but their migration is usually governed by the climate and the fact that females are pregnant and need to give birth in warmer waters, so we expect them to more or less stick to their usual routine in terms of when we see them migrate and how close to the coast they usually are.

Having said that, they are always good for a surprise, so we are excited to find out how the 2020 season will pan out.

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