Whale Spotter

When Annie was born in Manly, NSW the East Australian Humpback Whale population had been
decimated by whaling and it’s estimated only a couple of hundred remained. In her lifetime Annie has
seen the population recover and now boom back to 30,000 plus. Each sighting delights Annie, and
nothing makes her happier than putting our boats onto active pods.

Annie’s passion for whales has taken her to Antarctica, Canada, Tonga, New Zealand, and up and down
the East Coast of Australia. Annie swam with Dwarf Minkes at the Great Barrier Reef in 2006, and with
Humpbacks at Tonga in 2009 and 2011, and Hervey Bay In 2019.

Annie has worked as a Whale Watching Guide in Sydney and Hervey Bay over the last decade. Annie is a
member of ORRCA, which does rescue, preservation and conservation work with Whales, Dolphins,
Seals and Dugongs in Australian waters.

Annie spotted a white humpback calf that was nicknamed Migaloo Junior off Sydney in 2011. She still
dreams of seeing Migaloo himself.