Marine Biologist / Photographer

Growing up on a small farm over 300km inland, many people are confused to hear that I am a marine biologist. I wasn’t exposed to the sea much throughout my childhood, but my family spent each Christmas at the beach. I treasured this time by the sea, falling more and more in love the marine environment with every growing year.

I studied a Bachelor of Marine Science and Management at Southern Cross University on the north coast of NSW and recently earned my Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology at Macquarie University. I’ve dabbled in many fields of conservation and biology, but marine mammals have always been my true passion. In fact, I’ve been working on whale watching boats for nearly 8 years and recently teamed up with Living Ocean to write a small thesis on migrating Humpback Whales off the coast of Sydney.

Every time I spot a whale I get just as excited as the first time, and I love sharing that experience with people who may have never seen one before. Whale watching tends to spark curiosity in people and my hope is that they leave our whale watches with a new appreciation of the marine environment.

She regularly writes for our whale blog. See her posts here.